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Mood Sound Collection

The Dark Side of the Moo Vol. 1

The Dark Side of the Moo Vol. 1

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"The Dark Side of the Moo” is the brand new series of compositions written and produced entirely by multiplatinum producer Moo Latte that focuses on haunting, organic soundscapes reminiscent of 60s and 70s horror and criminal movie scores. These samples are perfect for creating a spooky, grimy and dense feel in your productions. Besides 10 full length compositions Moo Latte recorded and programmed 10 hard hitting drum breaks that go hand in hand with the melodic samples. All these gives you the ultimate shortcut for modern Boom Bap and the dirty and grimy style of production.

The Pack contains:

  • 10 Original Compositions consisting of different sections with a wide range of instrumentation. Electric and acoustic guitars, strings, synthesizers, organ and upright piano processed with some vintage and modern digital and analog gear.
  • Individual stems for every composition, providing you with ultimate flexibility and creative control.
  • 10 Royalty Free hard hitting drum breaks.
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