About Artist Series

"This series of sample packs was initially created for the UNKWN SOUNDS library. I was asked to craft a collection of compositions that would musically describe me as an artist and musician. Similarly to the Postcards series, these samples are very eclectic and touch nearly all of my musical and cultural inspirations.

However, with these packs, I might have decided on some even more bold creative decisions resulting in samples that are recognizable from the very first note.

Therefore, these are extremely effective to implement in beat productions. It just takes a simple 1 or 2 bars loop to create a vibe for a track, catch the listener's attention, and inspire the artists to tell a new story.

Moo Latte.

Artists Series: Moo Latte Vol. 1

Artists Series: Moo Latte Vol. 2

Artists Series: Moo Latte Vol. 3