About Soulful MOOds

I have always been inspired by the sound of the 70s, Motown Records, and delving into lesser-known music library records from that era.

With these samples, I wanted to pay tribute to that sound. I wrote all these compositions trying to recreate the unique vibes that instantly grab the producer's ears and spark ideas for a new beat.

To create these compositions, I used a wide range of guitars and keyboard instruments such as Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer. Drawing on my general music knowledge, I infused them with rich-sounding chord progressions and melodic phrases.

Moo Latte

Soulful MOOds Vol. 5

Soulful MOOds Vol. 4

Soulful MOOds Vol. 3

Soulful MOOds Vol. 2

Soulful MOOds Vol. 0