About Postcards

I've been making music for almost 24 years. My musical journey started from classical music, then I moved to rock, blues, funk, jazz. I also worked on multiple film scores.

That caused my truly eclectic approach to making music. As a producer myself, I never adhered to a specific genre of music when sampling. So, when creating the Postcards series, I wanted to celebrate that freedom by crafting sample packs where each composition could serve as a postcard from a different place in the world or time period.

Initially I made these samples for own use. I found these to be the best cure for beat block, as they made it easier for me to surprise myself creatively.

I'm sure the Postcards series will do the same to you whenever you feel like your music needs a refresh

Moo Latte

Postcards Vol. 1

Postcards Vol. 2

Postcards Vol. 3

Postcards Vol. 4

Postcards Vol. 5

Postcards Vol. 6