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Mood Sound Collection

Moo Latte - Sampled Night (Free Pack) - Available until 31.12.2023

Moo Latte - Sampled Night (Free Pack) - Available until 31.12.2023

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This year was definitely a start of a new chapter that I will hope to continue onwards!
In 2023 I fell in love with making samples, not only produce beats and songs. I can now focus on making music that I genuinely enjoy regardless of the genre and I don’t have to worry about if it’s aligned with anything I’ve made in the past. That level of freedom is something that I will never leave behind.

To celebrate the holidays I’ve recorded a version of probably the most international Christmas carol and prepared it so it’s ready for you to sample.

Beside that, I’m giving away for free one sample from my upcoming Soulful MOOds Vol.4 and one from the latest volume of Postcards :)

On top of it, if you download that free pack, inside you will find a $20 Gift Card for Mood Sound Collection catalogue :)



3 Original Sample Compositions with Stems.

$20 Gift Card to spend in my store.


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